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This website is in the process of meeting and hopefully exceeding accessibility standards, however currently does not. 

Chalkboard network is made by a white, financially stable artist and writer named Celia Glastris who seeks to understand how to justly tell and chronicle history.

The artist website is made by a neurodivergent, executively dysfunctional, mad, manic, traumatized, genderfluid, queer person. 

They currently reside on the land of the people of the Council of Three Fires, the Ojibwe, Potawatomi, and Odawa as well as the Menominee, Miami and Ho-Chunk nations, otherwise known as the Chicago suburbs.


The artist is a historian.


They believe that in order to provide as just a form of history as possible,

more than one form of history-telling must be provided for the reader.


Multiple storytelling methods are offered in order for the reader to build their own understanding that includes the biases that the writer may unconsciously implement into the fabrication of history. It is also offered in order to hopefully preserve history for the future. 

On chalkboard network, this practice is implemented through 

- Q&A

- Prose

- Criticism

Through question & answer, the reader has the opportunity to see the same material the writer did, and perhaps land at a different reading.

Through prose, the reader has the opportunity to understand the ways in which the artist operates in a non-neurotypical or mentally unstable manner which may affect their criticism, or decisions for what to write about, or factors the artist cannot even know. 

Prose is also another form of writing history which the writer believes must coexist with academia or journalism (as made famous by Audre Lorde's "Poetry is not a Luxury," read the essay it is linked here)

And through criticism, the writer presents their opinion.


The website will not be perfect ever. Because I am not perfect.


It is both a tool and a portrait for learning while disabled.


I will add more access features as I have time-- which I rarely know how to regulate. 

I also want this website to be enjoyable, not just accessible. I want it to be art. I want to do more than meet the bare minimum of access needs.

I want to make a website that both meets accessibility and leans into neurodiversity and madness.



Cognitive isolation is so lonely.


Do you agree? Do you feel this way too?


Please get lost.

i just gained my voice. i feel like i am fifteen just beginning my journey of self-discovery. 

and for that i ask for patience.

thank you. 

With care, 

Celia Glastris



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